Who Am I?

  Who am I , I ask….there’s no answer   I know who I think I might be   Am I really that person   Or just a projection   That is seen by all   Who can be liked   For what they   Think I   Am.  

You Smiled +Haiku+

When you smiled at me You made my heart turn flip-flips And I smiled right back!

A Lovers Soul

A lovers soul Transcends the boundaries Of the universe Lighting up the sky With its glow Surpassing the sun With the dazzling brilliance That emanates from within. Its harmony resonates From within…. Until it finds...

Wouldst Thou?

  Wouldst thou now, My Lord   Warm thy bed with me tonight.   Willingly I’d come to thee   Filling thee with much delight.   Approaching slowly now to thee   In a gown of silken lace   Comely maid, that you may...


September's gone   But I still feel     The kiss she left behind.   The splendor of   Her loveliness     Leaves imprints on my mind.   She does not have   The softness of      Her sister March in bloom   Nor does...

Words....Mere Words

  They come from my mind   Flowing down   Through the pen   To be put down   On paper.   Words…..mere words?   Is any word….any thought   Considered mere?   Where did it come from?   What does...


Wondering…. Why I sit alone in darkness When there is a world out there….. And people who laugh and cry. Yet, I sit alone Afraid? I do not know…. How can I? When I am alone   In darkness.