Where Am I Going?

Where am I going? I do not know. Up to the heights Or down below. I fight the fight From day to day Trying to cope In every way. Some days I live-- And some I die. It just depends How hard I try With tooth and nail...


Repost--just because I felt like it!  lol

Peace +Haiku+

Peace is in my heart But I can not keep it there I must pass it on


If CON is the opposite of PRO is Congress the opposite of Progress??.


Decisions must be made From deep within this heart That try my very soul And rip it now apart. Can I do what I must Or just avoid it all? Forget what should be done? And let those dominos fall Til all about is lost There is...

Why Do I? +Haiku+

Why do I have friends? They pick me up when I'm down And make me feel good!!

Patience +Haiku+

Need to be patient But it has been fading fast Where did it go to???