Where Are You?

Where are you now? This lovely day? Your love is gone So far away. Where once you were Right by my side I cannot tell Where you now hide. You were the better Part of me No longer... Now I cannot see Where once were...

One Rose

One rose A single rose Put a smile On my face Because It spoke of Love Without words.

The Fallen.

I want....   so much! I need....   So badly! I hurt....   So hard! I anguish....   To the depths! I cry....   Tears of bitter despair! There is no solace   For me,      Existing alone, Between heaven and hell ...

In Dreams + One Last Sexy Tuesday+

In dreams I see Your smiling face I feel the touch Of your embrace And hear those words I love so well I'm caught within Your magic spell. In dreams your love Surrounds my heart And I know that We'll never part. I...


Words, sweet words drip from honeyed lips each one cloyingly deceitful in its duplicity, meant to reassure while spreading their falsehood into a trusting heart. LIAR!!     This is a repost from last year.


I stand in the middle of nowhere    ---Alone--- Looking for an elusiveness  That may never be found.     In vain? Crying out in this wilderness   of anguish. Calling to the unknown   --expecting no return. Flagellating this...


Come into my parlor...   The Stage is set      With music,         Wine and             Soft lighting. He suggests -   She acquiesces. Soon -   Bodies trembling     With eager Passion! Culmination! Who is the spider ...

When Death Comes Knocking

When death comes knocking At your door Choose not, my friend To let it in. But let it wait While life goes living To hold it back Is not a sin. Ignore its subtle Signs approaching And fend it off With certainty Do...

Snow Fall +Haiku+

Watching the snow fall Brings back childhood memories And a smile to me.

Snowstorm +Haiku+

It is snowing hard I am inside where it's warm And I'm STAYING here!

'Night Everyone +Haiku+

'Night to everyone. Hope your dreams are very sweet-- Waking with a smile. +big smile and hug to all+