Bound (A repost)

Your kiss-- Astounds, surrounds And confounds My Mouth. Your touch-- Teases, pleases And appeases My Body. Those eyes-- Scold, mold And hold My Soul. Your words-- Sweet, entreat And complete My Heart. ...

Wondering +Haiku+

Sometimes I wonder What my mind is thinking of When I'm trying to think!

The Web Of Life

The web of life surrounds me, Its intricate design Can tantalize and hypnotize With each and every line. Which lines will make me famous? Or give me lots of wealth? But it could be--I'd rather see Those lines that lead to health....

What Are You To Me? +Haiku+

What are you to me? As do the sun, moon and stars, You shine very bright.   The sun, moon and stars Pale besides your brilliant glow You are life itself!


Sometimes I'm naughty, sometimes I'm nice Sometimes I act real coy Brazen...or demure perhaps I may be..... Sadness ,  or maybe pure  joy. Sometimes I giggle, sometimes I frown It may depend on things. Sometimes I maybe will put on...

The Dark +Haiku+

The dark encroaches...  tentacles wrapped around me.... Enveloping me!

I Am Ready To SCREAM!!!

Today started out very nice.  Got my walk in and basked in the sun.  Came home, set up a new answering machine after being frustrated.  Was finally told--by a female tech--that I had to have 2 modulars.  One for phone and one for machine.  Grrr!!  ...

The Total You

Soft as the wind in the Summertime Warm as the sun in the Spring Quiet as Autumns falling leafs This is the love that you bring.   Bright as a moonbeam on winters snow Sweet as the face of a child This is the smile that you show...


The place you reach when you're tired of thinking.  - Martin Fischer