Rising   From the Depths   Of despair   To the   Heights of Glory   Filled with   A sense   Of freedom…..   Opening   My wings   And flying   HIGH!  

Words Unsaid

Words unsaid Can speak in volumes Holding hope or sadness.. just Depending on the way they are said.

This Heart +Haiku+

Take this heart I hold And please handle it with love So I  know you care

One More Time

  Your strong arms around me   The feel of your sweet kiss   So thrilling it astounds me   And fills my heart with bliss       Our bodies gently touch now   Uplifting me much higher   I’ll never have too...

The Call +Haiku+

Your eyes beckon me I hear your lips call my name.... I am  mesmerized. 

The Need

  The night is cold…   Your arms are warm   I need you now   To calm this storm   So deep within   It churns inside   I need some place   That I can hide   For peace of mind   To soothe this...


  Miasma reeks from   Deep inside   Spitting hurt…..   Nowhere to hide.   Dripping venom   From false lips .   Causing pain   With slashing rips   Syllables that   Cut so deep…    In...

Using the "R-Word" isn't Funny An article

This is taken from an article in the Denver Post written by Jeremy Meyer, an Editorial Writer   I have a rule when listening to the usually hilarious 103.1 FM comedy radio station that plays stand-up routines from some of the nation's best...

My Mind Wanders

  My mind wanders   Through a universe of feelings   Sending me to heights unheard   Through galaxies of emotions,   Uplifting my senses   From mortality   Into the realm   Of the sublime,   ...

One More Provoker

How would you describe the past year of your life in one sentence!!