When the body fills With yearning...... The mind sends A message To the heart, Which in turn Sends a call to A kindred spirit Who will willingly accept The invitation.

Patience (Haiku)

I have no patience It went out the door today Hope it comes back soon!

Poetry Man

Queen Latifah live on Regis and Kathy.  I love this song!

Alone Together

Good song sung by Carly Simon.  There are also excellent jazz versions of this song.

Emotions (Haiku)

Emotions so deep- Tied tightly in my body When will they break free?

Thinking Of You

This is from the movie "Three Little Words" in 1951, starring Vera Ellen and Fred Astaire.  Enjoy!

Fire Down Below

Singer is Jeri Southern.  This is from the 1951 Movie of the same name starring Robert Mitchum, Rita Hayworth and Jack Lemmon

Making Whoopie

Not sure of the year on this but it goes waaaay back. Eddie Cantor is the singer.

Away From My Love

Another day away from my love Is like a month of rain And a winter in Antarctica Or a drought in sunny Spain   . Another hour away from my love Is endless, filled with doubt-- Thought patterns are all topsy turvy, My...


From a 1954 album by Frankie Lane.  Love the beat!


All the way back to 1973 with Johnny Mathis. Such a pretty song.



Lionel Richie sings a beautiful love song. +sigh+