Tick...Tock +Haiku+

Tick...Tock goes the clock Time is marching by so fast Why won't it slow down???

The Echo

I hear an echo in the hall Of empty footsteps long gone by But when I try to catch a glimpse Theres nothing there I can espy. Those footsteps echo in my mind Creating images now long past I glimpse, but they have disappeared ...

Crowned +Haiku+

To the Dentist soon Says I will be "crowned" today Hip hip and hooray!!      lol    

The Night +Haiku+

The night calls to me Beckoning me towards its depths-- Wrapped in mystery!

Aha Moment!

Don't have many of these but did today.  Realized while getting hubby up (at 3:00 P.M. early for him) that each day is like a NEW day for him.  Not the way we think of a day but the fact that he does NOT remember a lot that has happened the day...

Touch and Taste +Sexy Tuesday+

    I place my hand upon your face My lips await your taste With promises that I now give While deep in your embrace. And searing heat now calls to you Within my dark desire To touch the core that burns within Igniting now this fire,...

The Calling

She sits upon a lonely rock The night is dark and grey With wind that blows her tresses wild And tosses waves at play. There is a smile upon her face While gazing at the sky Her beauty is beyond compare, But she begins to sigh. ...

Your Kiss +Haiku+

Your kiss tastes so good With your body close to mine Come to me, my Love