My heart betrays my feelings That I keep deep inside And slowly now produce Those tears  I try to hide. I tell myself to stop it.... Think everything's all right But teardrops keep on falling That I now try to fight.... Why...

This Dream

You've gone away from me and yet  I feel you everywhere. And, in the corner of my eye I've caught a glimpse, I swear. Last night when I lay sound asleep I felt your loving touch Awake,  you were not there, of course... I miss you...

Whenever I Think Of You +Sexy Tuesday+

Whenever I think of you My heart fills with delight Anticipating loving All throughout the night. Thinking of your kisses Starting from the top Working slowly downward Oh, don't ever stop. And your hands so gentle moving to...

At The End Of Each Day

At the end of each day We can put the past to bed And wake up smiling... With a brand new present... A new day with all the wonders That lie in wait For that day And the future that awaits us!  


I heard our song again And my heart stopped for just a moment. The song played on,,, And my heart Began to beat again. Just a moment Of remembrance To make me Pause and smile.