Too Nice?

Recently had someone say  that I was "Too Nice"??   What the *bleep* does that mean??? 

The Unwary

  Weaving a web of desire   She calls the unwary   And her siren song   Lulls their senses   As they approach,   Willingly.   


I wrote this many years ago.  A friend asked me to write some song lyrics for her.  So I did..... Posted them over 3 years ago....  And forgot about them till now. Hope you enjoy them>  (P.S. the music is in my head)   Benita - ...

The Unknown

Why should we fear the unknown?   It is ours for the  taking.   If not the taking   It is ours for the making.


  Words…..      Swirling around          My head   Tantalizing     My mind   Teasing     My Brain   Calling to me….   Use me…..       No,  Me…..   I cannot decide      Which ones ...

The Hill

  The hill was high   I stood below   Did not believe   That I could go   And climb that hill   Without a fall   But I would try   Give it my all   I started up   And did not know   Within...


How can I explain The feelings I have Deep within When I don't even understand them myself?  How can I tell you What is on My mind When it is Whirling with Confusion. What do you Want me To say? 

My Mind +Haiku+

My mind is brain dead Can't formulate a poem Where has my muse gone?? 


  You have gone   But I still taste you   And feel your arms around   My body, holding me tightly..   Your closeness as we lie together,   Soothing and calming my heart   Filling  me with such  a sweet   ...

The Beckoning +Sexy Tuesday+

The night beckons me Whispers mysteriously Come to me, my own!   The call is strong now Enfolding mind and body And I surrender   It envelopes me Within its total darkness Giving me sweet bliss!   How dark the...

The Outcome +Sexy Tuesday+

  Your eyes need not say a word   As they gaze hungrily at me   And my heart begins to   Beat with delight   As they challenge   My reticence,     Knowing   Full well   What the   Outcome ...


  DON’T   Try to   Tell me what   YOU think that I   Should or should not do.   This is NOT your life and   I will do just what I want   Whether  you think I’m wrong—or not   This is NOT your...

Memorial Day +Haiku+

  Lift your heart up high Praise those who have gone before---- Fought for Liberty!  


  Whither hast thee gone, my love   Oh so far  away   Yet I feel thy presence here   Making fair this day.   Though thou be not here right now   Very  far apart   Thee remains a part of me   Right here in...