The Divine Spark   Which is      The Goddess Exists   Within all      Of that sex. It only   Has to be      Brought         To the surface Nurtured by    Adoration       Of the opposite sex And womanhood  ...

Impenetrable Cell

  A world of beehive activity surrounds me   As I sit here,  alone in my impenetrable  cell   Thinking….pondering …… thoughts   Beyond the mind of man   Whose only thoughts   Are the activity   That goes on  ...

A Reason

You Give me A reason To smile each day Just to think of you And know you’ll soon be here Gazing into my eyes and I will feel your soft lips on mine   And love those strong arms that entwine me. 

A Wonderful Happening

Last night I decided to go out for supper.  I chose a nearby restaurant that I enjoy, was seated and waited for the waiter who was busy elsewhere.  Nearby were a couple who were finishing up their meal.   A few minutes passed and he came and took my...


My senses are filled With the essence That is yours alone.  You come to me, Unbidden, As a dream of desire, And my body responds To your whispers of passion In the night! My mind is consumed by The rapture you provide ...


Romancing Deep within the soul Opening up a pathway To the pleasures of a brand new love Pink  

I Just Want

I just want To tell you these words That lie so deep within me With a stranglehold around my heart. But I can't! 

Pins and Needles

  I’m sitting on pins and needles today   My writing has now been going astray   My thoughts are abounding here and there   They seem to be wandering everywhere   I can’t seem to think now what I should do   Nothing in...

Magic +Haiku+

Beautious work of art-- Fairies flitting 'neath the moon. Magic in the night!

Dig Me A Grave

Dig me a grave That I may sleep Forsaking all ... My soul to keep... My mind's askew Has gone astray Will nevermore See light of day.. This heart of mine Will beat no more Since death has entered In its door......