Happy - Haiku-

I am happy now.   I can see my friends here now!!   All's right with the world!!

Why? -Haiku-

Why, oh Why, oh Why? Did you ever say goodbye. I don't understand.

Gone +Haiku+

Even though you're gone, A part of you is with me And always will be!

Rhodochrosite (a mineral)

Rhodochrosite has been called a "stone of love and balance", providing balance and love on all levels for all bodies, containing a pulsating electrical energy which eminates the strongest power in the universe, the power of love.  The energy is...

Blacksmith Blues

Heres a different Golden Oldie.  1952.  Ella Mae Morse singing.      Ya gotta smile at the lyrics!

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Love Eyes

Love Eyes -     You make me crazy. Love Eyes -     My mind goes hazy From the glow      Of your burning         Love Eyes. Love Eyes -     You knock me senseless Love Eyes -     Leave me defenseless From the gleam ...

In My Dreams (sexy tuesday)

In my dreams You stand before me. Arms outstretched, Eyes beckoning me-- Smiling that sexy smile That you know Turns me all fluttery. Lips whispering Sweet Nothings, Making my body Taut with desire. I NEVER WANT TO...

Limbo - haiku

I live in limbo Neither above nor below Why do I exist?

Body And Soul

1940 version of this song by the great Billie Holliday.

Memories - Haiku

Certain memories Bring back things that used to be-- Filling us with love.