Searching +Cinquain+

Searching... Stalking my prey Hiding in deep grass now As it cautiously approaches Waiting....

Hello +Cinquain+

Hello Just stopping by With a big smile for all And hoping that your day is good! Smiling.

Hiding +Cinquain+

Hiding Behind the mask Others can only see Exactly what I want them to! Laughter!

Starlight +Cinquain+

Starlight Shines in your eyes Every time I see you-- The glow of your love shines so bright--- Lovelight!  

Come, Dance

Come, dance with me My love. Feel the beat of the music Echo in our heart With every move We make... Pulsing... Drawing our bodies Closer In a harmony Of desire.... A dance Of Love.    

Singing +Cinquain+

Singing Within my heart The words revolve around Opening up my heart to love... Loving!

Angry +Cinquain+

Angry!! Waiting for calls Why don't people call back? It does get very frustrating. Sighing

Writing +Cinquain+

Writing Is a disguise I can hide behind words And say whatever I would like-- Freedom!

Speaking +Cinquain+

Speaking... Words are not heard Even though I try hard Ears refuse to hear what I say! Sadness.  


Within this soul there is a certain part That holds my thoughts together...keeps me sane, Without it, mind and body fall apart, A semblance of a person would remain.   I cannot see nor feel it, but it's there This glue-like essence...

Content +Cinquain+

Sighing  I close my eyes And I feel your nearness My heart is filled with total love Content!