I am drowning In unshed tears That lie in wait To fall!  


The night grows near And now  awakes emotions that best lie asleep. Though dormant now throughout the day into my mind they start to creep. A thought...so stray should not be here... But through my mind Its tendril...

I Saw You Standing There

  I saw you standing there…   And my heart wondered…   If the honey   Fresh from the comb   Would taste as sweet   As your lips.       I saw you standing there…   Then you smiled.   And...

Nature's Bower

In natures world I rest now Beneath her stalwart trees Well hidden from the masses Undaunted by the breeze ... I lay and watched a spider Begin a web so fine Perhaps to catch a tidbit On which she then would dine..   A bird was...


My mind is in circles today My thoughts are all going astray I cannot think straight I don't want to wait I'll just have to act "come what may"

Petal By Petal

Petal by petal   The rose of our love   Opens slowly   Until finally,   Immersed  in   Radiant  sunlight   Its magnificence   Is shown   In full bloom.   

Provoking Again

What is the most desirable trait another person can possess? 

Flowers In The Rain

  Gentle drops of rain fall   On a flowery  bed   Causing little buds to   Open up their heads   Gazing  at the raindrops   Coming from the air   Soaking in the moisture   With no thought or care…   ...

Lie With Me

Lie with me, My Desire!   Stir my senses To the point of boiling   Until they explode     With the pleasure        Of your red-hot fingers Gliding smoothly   Over my body,     Enflaming every atom       of my being   ...

Eternity Of Longing

Today was an   Eternity of Longing     For that touch Which transports   This body      Into a frenzy       Of ecstasy And that kiss   Which awakens      Rapture        In my heart, Opening the way   For a...

Beyond Glory

  I soar to heights…..   Beyond glory   Into the realm   Of being…..   A formless  wisp   Pulled  into an    Unknown existence   Along a path   Never before trod….   Beyond glory!  

I, Woman

My beauty men praise to the skies Such flawless skin; such lovely eyes. Those lips, whose touch brings heaven near: The shell-like beauty of an ear.   Such compliments are nothing new And I do tease each man, its true With subtle...


  Darkness   Invades my space   Permeating my existence   Until all the light   Has disappeared…..   I am a something   That has been absorbed   Within a totality   Of emptiness.  

Sitting + Double Haiku+

  Sitting in a chair   Up in a cozy cabin   On a mountainside   Totally relaxed Wind is blowing through the trees I am at peace now!