Coping +Haiku+

My mind can not cope With everything going on. Need a direction. 

14 Angels

This is a repost for Tiggers.  Sleep well, my friend.

A Favor?

I have a big favor to ask.   I am trying to collect all my Haiku poetry together and put it on a CD.  The hard way would be to print it all out and reenter it in Word to put on a CD.  I am NOT an expert in doing this but there MUST be an easier way....

Happy Day +Haiku+

Have a Happy Day The sun is shining brightly Every thing is great!                        +BIG SMILE+

Left out +Haiku+

This was supposed to be in MY post to begin with.  Don't know why or how it ever got in the other one.  Hope it comes out RIGHT this time.  

Shut Down?

My heart has shut down; Not capable of feeling?? Emotions are gone!

Left out +Haiku+

Why am I left out? Do not feel like I belong? What is wrong with me??


(Could not locate this in my posts.  Not the first time this has happened.  So I am reposting a post that never showed up in 'My Posts'.   Words, sweet words drip from honeyed lips, each one cloyingly deceitful in its duplicity, ...

The Spark

Let me find my way The road ahead looks dark-- There is no light to guide Except one dying spark. Blindly, I grope along Inside my soul feels dead. My goal is yet to reach That spark that lies ahead. It flickers off and on ...

Gone? +Haiku+

You have gone from here But I know that in my heart You will still remain.

You Smiled +Haiku+

When you smiled at me You made my heart turn flip-flips And I smiled right back!

Breaking out.

Some of you may be aware that my husband is in the first stages of Dementia.  I am his wife (obviously) and total caretaker.  Full time job of course and my first priority is to my husband.  But the question is: Should it be??  Or should it be to me??...

To Post Or Not To Post!

To post or not to post.  That is the question. Whether tis going to be read or not.  That is the answer.  (I have a lot of unread posts.  Just me???) Whether it will even show up to be read.  That is another question. Where does a post go...

Inside the Gate +Challenge+ Poetry form

There is a secret place I know--  Sometimes I feel that I must go To soothe a mind that's filled with strife Bring back some calmness to my life.   That portal beckons me within. Perhaps a new life will begin. One filled with love...

Who am I? +haiku+

Tell me, who am I? Am I someone that exists?? Or just in your mind???