Solitude +Minute Poetry+

Walking in solitude today Enjoy myself Watching the birds That fly by me   Wind gently singing through the trees Caress my face Dragonflies flit Back and forth now   Butterflies dancing in the air Ballerinas Showing...

You Are +haiku+

You are what I need What my heart has waited for I am yours alone. 

Inspiration +Minute Poetry+

Inspiration comes at random And also goes... Like fairy dust It leaves a mark.   Some are lucky to retain it Writing it down Very quickly Or it is gone.   Sprinkling down within the brain now Taking those words All...

Minute To Minute +Minute Poetry+

Minute to minute time goes by Swiftly it moves Not standing still Though we might ask   We must stand and watch it pass now Never slowing Moving onward Cannot stop it!   Years are going by too quickly I was a child ...

I Can Love You.... Minute Poem

  I can love you, I can hate you   It’s up to you   What do you want   Of this heart  now?       Can you tell me what your needs are   So that I know   What you need now   What I should do?    ...

I Am Lost +Haiku+

Heart is torn apart Tears are raging through my soul And I am now lost.

I Need +Sexy Tuesday.

I need....   I want...      I desire... So badly. My body   Longs for    Sweet release. Come now   Come soon..    Come here.. My own!    And    Give     Me      ALL!

Ecstasy +Sexy Tuesday.

Arms reaching out for you. Body tingling  with desire. Lips hungry for Your taste. Come and set me Now on fire. Your sexy Fingers which Work their magic Thrilling me! Fire now engulfs My mind..... To the...

The Night. +Early Sexy Tuesday+

The night is warm My arms are cold I need someone That I can hold. To touch,,,to feel Those arms so sweet And taste those lips That mine will meet. And feel that body Next to mine... Who'd give to me Romance divine. ...

Words Within +Haiku+

You have words within Use them all and write...write...write 'Til they all come out!