The Man I Love

Now THIS is a torch singer!!  Goes back to the 20s & 30s

Sending +Haiku+

I'm sending you my kiss On the wings of a white dove Wishing you were here.

Raise These Arms

Raise These arms To the sky Uplifting me To heights of glory Never before attained By the mind of mortal man. Whose existence is limited In every thought, word and deed proclaimed. Which is holding back the greatness ...

My Song of Life

My  song of life has no limits.   It cannot be  held within the   Boundaries of the universe.   Transcending awareness ..   Moving through life itself    Passing  the mortal   Concept of existence.   Beyond...

My Life Walks A Balance

  My life walks a balance   I’m walking a line   I try to stay centered   That line is so fine.   At times I may lean left   At others it’s right   I try to stay centered   I don’t like to fight.   ...

Wouldst Thou +Sexy Tuesday+

  Wouldst thou now, My Lord   Warm thy bed with me tonight.   Willingly I’d come to thee   Filling thee with much delight.   Approaching slowly now to thee   In a gown of silken lace   Comely maid, that you may...

Desiring +Sexy Tuesday+

  What is desiring?       It is when you're close to me       And I cannot breathe.               Just the touch you give       And that gleam now in your eyes       When we...

I Awaken

  I awaken each day   To life’s sweet embrace,   Opening my heart and mind   And accepting it wholeheartedly.  

The Reality

"The reality is gone....but the dream lingers on". 

Your Lips +Haiku+

The taste of Your Lips Will always remain with me! How could I forget?

Words.....Mere Words?

  They come from my mind   Flowing down   Through the pen   To be put   On paper.   Words…..mere words?   Is any word….any thought   Considered mere?   Where did it come from?   What does it...

The Mountains

  The mountains are silent   Yet they speak a language   All their own.   I sit and listen to   What they are saying,   Taking them into my soul   Opening myself to   Their mysteries of life.   A...

At The End Of Each Day

At the end of each day We can put the past to bed And wake up smiling... With a brand new present... A new day with all the wonders That lie in wait For that day And the future that awaits us!  

Teasing +Cinquain+

Teasing.... Being naughty That is not very nice-- Unless you end it with a kiss... Happy!!

She Was

This is a repost.  Thank you for reminding me, Tony!    She WAS… She existed. And Breathed. He exalted. A goddess… An angel.. In the image Of perfection That he envisioned Her eyes…. The blue-green Of a stormy sea Her lips. Matched the...

My Emotions

  My Emotions   Are like the ocean and its waves   Hidden deep beneath its surface   Tumultuous at certain times       Calm and gentle   Other times bring peace and calm    Soothing to the land and sea  ...