Unlimited +Minute+

Within an energy vortex Body flowing Pulling light in Into my soul   Spiriling upward and onward In a vortex... Opening now Finding my way   Unlimited within my scope The universe Beckons me now... Within my...


Creation... Starts from within... Not always what You want to be... But that which is An integral part Of your existence... What you ARE... Your essential nature.  

Help!!! +Haiku+

So much to be done One thing after another Need to get caught up!!! 

The Heights +Sedoka

Climbing to the heights Now where do I go from here Clouds hide everything.   Pinnacle is near Will I reach it?  I don't know But I have to try. 

The Judgment?

Churning...    Burning... Hurts deep within    The soul Tearing...    Swearing... Slowly losing   Control. Crying   Sighing Cannot seem now   To think. This heart   Torn apart Mind is now on The brink.  ...