Circles? +Haiku+

Why is my mind now Running around in circles? Can't I ever stop?

Do you? +Haiku+

Do you think of me, Now that you have gone away? Did you ever care??

The Guardians +Haiku+

Angels guard my sleep, Keep me safe with in their arms Filling me with love!  

Opal (Love is in the Earth--A kaleidoscope of Crystals)

Opal crystallizes in the form of masses and, occasionally, stalactites.  The colors range and related names are varied.  Te previous mystery of the cause of colour of opal has been revealed via the electron microscope.  When precious opal is viewed...

Why? +Haiku+

Why can't I find you? Where have you been hiding, now? I've looked everywhere!!

What a Relief!

Today was a day I had been dreading for the last month!!!  Had to take husband, who HATES NEEDLES with a passion, in for an injection in his back. This man refused to have blood drawn in the doctor's office for his physical.  He is almost psychotic...

Since We're On The Subject.......Wine, that is

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world - Ernest Hemingway The great evil of wine is that it first seizes the feet, it is a crafty wrestler. - Titus Maccius Wine improves with age.  The older I get, the better I like it. - Unknown I'm...

Stolen +Haiku+

My heart was stolen Why did you do this to me? You gave no warning.  

My Love

Thou art my hope, my love, my life And giveth me joy in every way Thou brings  the sun into the morn And cheerfully begins my day. Until thee walked into my life The dark encroached into this soul But thou hast taken this away And...

My Heart +Haiku+

You opened my heart Taught me what it meant to love My heart is yours now!