Your Words +Sexy Tuesday+

  Your words wind their way   Around my heart…   Each one a gentle kiss   Of pleasure    As they roll  off  your tongue   Onto my ears…   Down my throat,   Teasing, caressing…   Into the essence ...

Stoke My Fire +Sexy Tuesday+

  You give me more   Than one   Could ever desire.       The touch of your   Hand alone   Stokes my fire.       Your mouth   Now enflames   My senses high.       And sends me...

Heartbeats +Haiku+

My heart is calling With each beat you are closer I wait with pleasure!

Rapture. +Cinquain+

Sweetness Comes from your touch... That kiss so turns me on  I melt within your warm embrace Rapture!    

The Heart +Rondolet+

Where the heart goes Is love always sure to follow? Where the heart goes Will you always be there for me? If I put my heart in your hands... Expecting you to care for it? Where the heart goes.  

A Friendly Voice

I sit alone in darkness Thoughts are spinning 'round my head The evening looms before me Lonely hours that I dread I've tried to read and watch TV But nothing is worth viewing My mood is dark...I cannot think What else should I be...


So deep within this heart I see A hole where my heart used to be A just a cavity No more is it a part of me.   Where once a beating heart did dwell Each  beat clear sounding as a bell That space is like an empty shell...

Patriarchy: The enslavement of Women

Found this in a site I have been reading.  I thought it was very interesting.      The history of the woman means the history of cereals, small size cattle, fruit trees, village households, weaving, the pickaxe and domestic mills. In the...

Emotions +Naani+

How can one define emotions? Are they different for each? Or do we all  feel Exactly the same?


What is that inside of me? That is begging to be free? Deeply felt so far within Do not know where to begin Squeezing feeling from my heart Tearing me now all apart. Where they come from I don't know. Leaving me no place to go. ...