Go On +Haiku+

Go on! Let it out!! It will make you feel better!! I know all too well!!

Solace Lost

With head bowed low, I seek to say Those words of help I need today But they won't come and I am blind-- No consolation can I find. No answer--only words of grief-- To grant this soul a short relief. Now, gazing upward toward the...

A Sham! +Haiku+

Do you really care? Do you think that I don't know? This is just a sham!!

I Am Burning!! *Sexy Tuesday*

Come,   Step into the flame      With me! I am burning   With desire!! Devour me   With your eyes! I am soaring   To the heights of passion With the eroticism of your touch. Be mine, lover   Let us sizzle     In the...

The Quandry

This heart is in a quandry It flutters, as though a captive bird, Bound by conventions rules it stands-- Shackled by the written word   So tightly bound there's no escape Existance holding it within. Too many rules and judgements....


Whither doth the day bring When sadness leaps into the fold? When thoughts are dark and deep within And nightmares dare now to unfold? Whither does my heart cry? For unseen tremors yet to come Flagellating with each beat That...

My Heart + Haiku+

My heart is open Filled with love for one and all Just take what you need!

Deeper +Haiku+

Deeper than before Cannot climb back out of this Someone help me please.   Not me.  This just came to me.