Cloud Of Tears

I cannot find my smile today I've looked most everywhere But every where I thought it was I couldn't find it there.   I thought perhaps it might be found On such a merry day But nothing seemed to coax it out So...went upon my...

Little Things Mean A Lot

  I don't ask for very  much Just a soft and gentle touch And a sweet and loving smile Now and then would be worthwhile. Lovely words that you would say Would uplift a downward day. If you listen to the song You will...

The Boon

Thought a repost was in order. +smiles+

Why? +Haiku+

Why does the heart hurt When it's someone else's pain? That's because it cares!

My Heart +Haiku+

If my heart could talk It would send you all my love Now and evermore!


  Wrapped within a   Web of Dreams   There is nothing   As it seems   Strands  surround  me   Every where   Strip away my   Every care!!   Tangling love   Into deceit   Winding round me...