Tidings Of Love

I'll sing you a song-- A song of love That tells of the earth And heaven above.   A tale will I write With words so sweet To lay down the world Before your feet.   What else can I do To prove my love But send you my...


Recently talking to someone about Dementia and thought I'd repost this once more. 

Where Has My Heart Gone?

Where has my heart gone? Feels like it is lost today. Fickle heart why leave? Why did you now go astray? We were doing great-- Everything was going well Now you've gone from me As if under a strong spell. Did I hold you tight?...

Find Me +Haiku+

Peek a boo to you! I can sense you close to me. Find me--if you can!!

A Dream +Haiku+

Are you really here? Is that your smile that I see? Or is this a dream?

Like A Dream.

Like a dream My mind is open To the beauty Of your face. As you smile at me and reach for me With open arms Calling  to me Without words, Your eyes beckon-- The love in them shines, Entwining my soul With yours ...

My Christmas Wish To ALL!

A Christmas Wish to one and all To have a Wonderful Day May peace and love be in your heart And chase all blues away. This day is filled with happiness So open up your heart Give everyone a great big HUG That will be a good...

Feel the Love?

Can you feel the love? It is floating all around. And it feels so good!!